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Sunday, 24 September 2017, 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

Location: Online Mumble chat: mumble://


If there's something else you want to discuss, add it to the this agenda!

Upcoming Events


Participants: Bob Jonkman, Greg Knittl
Audio Recording: (Size: 49.9 MBytes - Duration: 53m12s)
Setting up Mumble's "Push-to-Talk"
  • Don't use CTRL+T
  • Waterloo Region's Voice over IP Users Group
Free/Libre Canadian Tax Preparation Software Project
  • Running UFile under Wine
  • CRA keeping information hidden under Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • What are the competitive advantages between existing and FLOSS tax programs?
  • Optimal tax returns: Least tax paid or greatest tax refund
  • Are full, complete, optimal tax returns too complex for software to determine?
  • Legal issues raised by CRA's reluctance to provide info
KW Linuxfest
  • Takes place Saturday, 27 January 2018
  • Free/Libre Canadian Tax Preparation Software Project would make a good KW Linuxfest talk!
  • Call For Papers closes 1 November 2017
Street Team Outreach
  • Summer's over, is it too late for Street Team Outreach?
  • Perhaps we can find another project that can be done on/offline in a distributed manner
Wiki and Website
  • Items needing a SysAdmin will be taken to the mailing list
  • Existing upcoming events will stay on the Upcoming Events list, but Bob will no longer add Upcoming Events that are outside of Ontario or not primarily about Free Software
Future Meetings
  • Saturday, 24 February 2018 we'll try for an In-Real-Life meeting in Toronto
  • Need to find a venue that matches our dietary preferences

Text Channel

[8:53 PM] Welcome to Mumble.
[8:53 PM] Connecting to server
[8:53 PM] Connected.
[8:53 PM] Welcome message:
Welcome to this server running Murmur.
Enjoy your stay!

[8:54 PM] Recording started
[9:02 PM] (Channel) greg: Hi Bob can u hear me?
[9:02 PM] (Channel) greg: I can hear u
[9:04 PM] (Channel) greg: checking my settings
[9:04 PM] (Channel) greg: I have to hit a key to talk
[9:04 PM] (Channel) greg: which I now forget
[9:11 PM] (Channel) BobJonkman: