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Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

Online Mumble chat: mumble://


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Meeting Notes

Bob Jonkman, Stephen Paul Weber, Greg Knittl, snowdusk
Audio Recording (Size: 31.01 MBytes - Duration: 38m09s) (Podcast)

Free/Libre Canadian Tax Preparation Software Project update
  • Greg spoke with lawyer from CIPPIC
    • Greg needed to explain some concepts of Free Software to the lawyer
    • Discussion of security involved in paper form submission
    • Is the difficulty in getting developer access merely a (poor) way of certifying the tax software?
    • Access to My Account would work well for us, people would perform the submission themselves
    • What would happen if we circulated a spreadsheet to help people fill in their paper forms?
      • Perhaps CRA would disallow that too

The right solution is to prosecute people who do the wrong thing after the fact, not to prevent people from doing the wrong thing beforehand, because that excludes also those of us who would like to do the right thing in a different way. --Stephen Paul Weber

  • What can be done? Charter challenge? Doubtful.
    • Outreach program is important; judges are a group of people that need to know these issues
  • Perhaps Greg will file Freedom Of Information requests to pry out some of this data
  • While this project is low on the list of priorities for CIPPIC, Greg will keep in touch, and the lawyer was encouraging.
  • is a keyboard and rudimentary pointing device with no nonfree software in it
    • Uses an Arduino, so it's hackable by the community
    • Expensive ($329 USD), but worth it
    • The keyboard has an expansion header inside, and each key has LED backlight

Text Channel

[5:01 PM] Recording started
[8:56 PM] BobJonkman-mobile connected.
[9:03 PM] singpolyma connected.
[9:06 PM] greg connected.
[9:08 PM] greg: Hi anybody here?
[9:08 PM] snowdusk connected.
[9:09 PM] greg: I can hear you, but I have to figure out my push to talk button
[9:09 PM] snowdusk is now muted.
[9:11 PM] snowdusk: hi bobjonkman invited me! nice to meet you everyone!
[9:12 PM] snowdusk: thank you!
[9:12 PM] greg: still struggling with push to talk
[9:12 PM] snowdusk: i told him i will be listening only. i hope that's ok with everyone :)
[9:12 PM] singpolyma: finished over $2M so that's going to be very interesting to watch the development of
[9:19 PM] BobJonkman-mobile disconnected.
[9:44 PM] singpolyma: In other news I finally got my device on Monday, so I now have a keyboard (and rudimentary pointing device) with no nonfree software in it!
[9:44 PM] singpolyma:
[9:59 PM] singpolyma disconnected.
[10:00 PM] greg disconnected.
[10:01 PM] BobJonkman connected.
[10:02 PM] BobJonkman: Hi Snowdusk! Still there?
[10:02 PM] snowdusk: yes im still here :D
[10:02 PM] BobJonkman: O hai!
[10:02 PM] BobJonkman: Just got back.
[10:03 PM] BobJonkman: I saw Greg and Singpolyma were on too
[10:03 PM] snowdusk: hi bobjonkman! thank u for inviiting me! i love the librem phone so cool
[10:03 PM] BobJonkman: I hope to get one of those, or a CopperheadOS phone
[10:05 PM] BobJonkman: Anyway, the meeting seems to be done, especially if you're staying on mute.
[10:05 PM] BobJonkman: Kinda funny, the radio DJ stays on mute
[10:05 PM] snowdusk: have a great night everyone!
[10:05 PM] snowdusk: oh haha
[10:06 PM] snowdusk: my voice is tired XD
[10:06 PM] snowdusk: joking
[10:06 PM] snowdusk: i have to go ! :D can i listen again next week?
[10:08 PM] BobJonkman: OK, TTYL
[10:08 PM] snowdusk: ttyl!!!
[10:08 PM] BobJonkman: This is every month on the 24th