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  1. Put a basic description of the campaign here.
  2. Make a template that users can put on their profile page that indicates that they oppose software patents.
  3. Include instructions for users to list ESP as one of their groups.
  4. List group members here (which can be done dynamically based on the indication of group membership by individuals).
  1. done. Could be more detailed though.
  2. done: Template:user swpat - right idea?
  3. done: "add {{user swpat}} to your user page"
  4. People who add that userbox are automatically added to Category:Users against swpats. What's the dynamic way to have those people listed?
Oh, and what's [[is entity::campaign]]? I don't know that syntax. Ciaran 22:37, 24 May 2009 (UTC)
That's Semantic Mediawiki syntax, which I would like to start using more, but we can use the traditional category system as well. I added a sample of the way of doing dynamic listing, but the full docs are here. Right now our caching is a little overzealous, so it's not updating the list until there is a page edit. I'll look into that. I think if we move the Profile template on to the User page instead of in /Profile, then we can also do things like list locations in the supporters list.--Johns 16:10, 27 May 2009 (UTC)