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LibrePlanet 2011 was a one-day conference on Saturday, March 19th 2011 at Bunker Hill Community College, in Boston, MA.

We are planning something very special for LibrePlanet2012, and so in order to scale back our planning efforts to prepare for that event, we have decided to focus on our core conference this year.

  • This event is open to our associate members, who can attend for free, and to members of the public who can either join as an associate member, or pay $60 to attend (the equivalent of our student level associate membership rate).
  • We are pleased to tell you that the venue is ADA compliant and easily accessible.

Where to stay, what to do...

Anti-harassment policy

  • LibrePlanet 2010 photo by Steven DuBois CC-BY-SA.

This page was a featured resource in January 2011.