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Lightning talks at LibrePlanet

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Watch LibrePlanet 2022 Lightning talks:

Lightning talks are five-minute presentations given by conference attendees on free software topics they're passionate about.

Lightning talks 2022

If you would like to give a talk:

  • Please list a title, a short description, and (optionally) your name to the list below.
  • To ensure a conference that's safe and fun for everyone, we take our Safe Space Policy very seriously. We'd appreciate it if you looked it over before planning your presentation.

The lightning talks will be streamed and posted online.

Our tips for an awesome lightning talk:

  • Be as selective as possible with what you cover. (In our experience, a five-minute talk cannot cover what a fifteen-minute talk covers and still be effective.)
  • Use a large, reader-friendly font for all your slides.
  • Keep the number of your slides low.
  • Do not visually overload your slides.

Upload your video for LibrePlanet 2022

Follow the upload instructions to have your lightning talk included in LibrePlanet 2022: Living Liberation