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Accommodations during LibrePlanet

Are you looking for a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2024? Do you want to room with like-minded individuals? Do you want to host a LibrePlanet attendee, volunteer, or speaker? This is your place to let others know! Use the following information to describe what you are looking for or what you can offer. Then email so that we can connect you with people who are interested in staying with you or in offering accommodation.

For more information on lodging and travel during LibrePlanet 2024, see the lodging and travel section on the LibrePlanet 2024 homepage.


Your name (not required)

What you should know about me

Description of the type of accommodation (sleeper couch, separate room ...)

Approximate location (district)

I/we offer a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2024

I/we are looking for a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2024


Dear LibrePlanet Community, I hope this message finds you well. My name is Crescent, and I am excited to be part of LibrePlanet 2024. As a participant traveling from Enugu, Nigeria, I am reaching out to seek accommodation during the conference. What you should know about me: I am Crescent, a male lawyer passionate about the intersection of law and technology. I am looking for suitable accommodation during the event. I will be attending the conference and am seeking a comfortable place to stay. I am looking for a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2024: I am seeking accommodation during the conference dates. I would greatly appreciate any guidance, recommendations, or offers for accommodation. If anyone within the LibrePlanet community has available space or knows of suitable options for accommodation, I would be grateful for your assistance. Your support in helping me find suitable lodging for the event would be invaluable. Please feel free to contact me if you have any available options or recommendations. I am eager to participate in the conference and connect with fellow attendees. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to any assistance or information you can provide regarding accommodation arrangements. Warm regards, Crescent

Felix Freeman

Hi, I'm Felix. I'm a long-time Chilean libre software activist. I'll be speaking at LibrePlanet 2024 about "Digital freedom as a moral imperative for authors".

I will arrive in Boston on May 2nd and return to Santiago on May 8th. I would really appreciate a place to sleep, and hopefully take a daily shower, for any period of those 5 nights.

I'm a friendly guest willing to adapt to whatever accommodations you can offer. I'd prefer a place that allows me to walk or take public transportation to LibrePlanet. You should probably know that I am a vegetarian.


I am a Free Software support from China. I will attend LibrePlanet 2024 on May 4 and 5 holding in Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA. I will be speaking about "Helping GNU" in the conference。

It will be my first time in Boston. It would be great that I could find a place with like-minded individuals. I do not smoke, so a non-smoking room is necessary.

The ideal location would be near the conference venue and I prefer walk or bycicle. If the direct public transportation is available nearby, it is also nice.

Appreciate your support.

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