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LibrePlanet's new theme


We are working to make LibrePlanet a more friendly and inclusive space, one where more non-programmers can also participate.

If you prefer to use the old and default MediaWiki theme, just go to:

  • "Preferences" -> "Appearance"
  • Choose the "Vector" theme.

We hope you will enjoy the new and responsive theme, and we look forward to your suggestions and comments in our discussion channels.

How can I help?

We need your help to finalize the revision and keep the pages up to date!

  • Revision: Revision is an important part of keeping the LibrePlanet site up to date. Any contributions or changes are welcome! You don't need additional permissions for this: go ahead and start.
  • Translations: We want to reach free software enthusiasts all over the globe, so all of our pages would benefit immensely from translation. For more information, see the translation page.
  • Restructuring: Along with the new theme, we are proposing a new structure to go with it, and you can find it here. This means that some pages will need to be archived or moved. If you would like to help with this, please email so we can give you the proper permissions.

Design draft


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This page was a featured resource in November 2019.