List of free software innovations

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Here is a list of software-related innovations done in an environment of free software whether by companies, communities or non-profits.



  • gstreamer: implements a new, very flexible way to plug together multimedia components(decoder,encoder etc..)


  • python: a very famous programming language

Hardware integration


  • BitTorrent: one of the most common protocols for transferring large files using peer-to-peer technology.
  • maranello: designed packet recovery system implemented on a free firmware for broadcom cards
  • codec2 : a lossy, low bitrate codec for audio conversations
  • B.A.T.M.A.N.: a routing protocol for mesh networks

Operating system

  • Akonadi: the extensible cross-desktop storage service for personal information mangers data.
  • Bzip2: bzip2 is a lossless compression algorithm
  • Package manager: a new way of installing applications that changed everything



  • Metafont: the only way to make entire new font families by just changing less than 62 parameters.[1]

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