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This page collects info about free software firmware and operating systems for small computers. The goal is to help people free all their computers. You may also be interested in the wiki page for FSF' Giving Guide 2012.

Digital music players

  • RockBox - a mature project providing free replacement firmware for portable music players by Apple, Archos, Cowon, iriver, MPIO, Packard Bell, SanDisk, and Toshiba


  • ProCFW - homebrew, GPL'd firmware for the Sony Playstation Portable

An installation guide is available at

( contains other pages with info about homebrew firmware, as well as a free software card-based game which they develop called Wagic)

When using ProCFW you can run lots of emulators. Some are available at but some of those are not free software, so you have to check. Other software which runs on ProCFW includes: Links2, PSP IRC, PSPMagic (EtchASketch clone), PSPwrite, Bookr, RenPSP, LuaPlayer. (I think these are free software but haven't checked thoroughly - please fix this list if any are not free.)


  • Replicant - based on Android but with the non-free parts removed or replaced

Meta-projects to help installing free firmware

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