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Were you ever asked by a teacher to sit with your eyes closed, your hands folded, not speaking, not moving, not allowed to make any expression at all, while the rest of the class got to run, jump and play as 'normal' children do?

Great campaigns & Accessibility guidelines


Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2016 09:25:20 +0100
From: Tractorcq (talk)
To:  libreplanet-discuss
Subject: We need a Great campaign To tell 
 the programmers to improve their programs
To work well with the Screen Reader

Personally, I like 'top-level' guidelines such as - - with the broadest audience, widest usage and most global context. Hierarchies do exist in the 'real' world.

Cognitive empathy is the position of highest freedom because it is where true understanding forms. (You can't understand how to help the blind unless you are blind) - This is why everything has to begin in a folded state. Revolution begins in the heart of the individual but if the hope of a reward is at the core, the revolution is already corrupted (rotten). For a campaign to reap the maximum benefit for the most people, the public contract MUST exhibit iron-clad principles.

Accessibility, openness and equity is what the o3f campaign (OzoneFarm eCommunity) has been about since its inception in the 1980s. Without fully-qualified domains running on hosts that cannot be compromised, we have nothing and go nowhere. The slipstream effect of corporate drag on volunteer effort remains the problem. Everyone knows that the 'intellectual property' myth results in a serious bottleneck. Traction = progress.

When we get online with Trisquel GNU/Linux, We'll try to contribute more on every front. So far, I (Charley) only have been using Trisquel-mini offline, but I hope to literally shift gears soon bringing the OzoneFarm 'tractor' host online at - I'm looking for partners to help develop the brand and social network at which for now is at (eeeew!)

See for the current version on a WordPress blog format. Please feel free to connect with me/us at

posted 14:00, 22 March 2016 (EDT) by Tractorcq (talk)

Folding Cardboard

Design considerations
From "The Google VR SDK for Android lets you build apps that display 3D scenes with binocular rendering, render spatial audio, track and react to head movements, and interact with apps."
From "What does this mean for free software and how does it align with The Folded Revolution Campaign?"

No. You won't find any information without digging. Sorry. We don't have time to split hairs and reference everything in a nice neat package for you. Certain skills and dispositions are assumed. (And you know what assumptions are for, right?) You don't have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to work at NASA or Johns Hopkins, but when you volunteer to write code, create content or fund revolutions, you open yourself up to large swaths of disappointment. Wait for someone to show you the The Carbondale Handshake in person for a more subjective user experience. Thank You for your patience and understanding. Tractorcq (talk) 10:38, 26 May 2016 (EDT)