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Username ekokao
Full name Eko Kai Alanah Owen
Spoken languages English and emerging Spanish (Mexico)
Programming languages
Identities they/them
City Worcester
State Massachusetts
Country United States of America

Linuxlibre.png Member of LibrePlanet Artists.

Button-dbd.png This user is interested in contributing to Defective by Design.
Button-fsfmember.png This user supports the Free Software Foundation's actions all around the world and on the world wide web.
Guix.200px.png This user herds their GNU with Guix System.
Button-gnuhead.png This user knows that GNU's Not Unix.
Linuxlibre.png Member of the Linux-libre group.

FSS This user is subscribed to the Free Software Supporter newsletter.

Swpat-logo-small.png This user is interested in contributing to End Software Patents.
Button-ma.png This user is a member of LibrePlanet Massachusetts.