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Username tonghuix
Full name Tong Hui
Email tonghuix at member.fsf.orgURIs of the form "tonghuix at" are not allowed.
XMPP/Jabber tonghuix at
IRC tonghuix
Groups Group:BLUG
Learning Python, Lisp
Spoken languages English, Mandarin
Programming languages C, C++, Bash
Identities Evangelist, Engineer
Interests GNU, Embedded, Hardwares
City Beijing
State Beijing
Country China

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FOSS Career

I am a Fedora Ambassador in China. and work as a Fedora promoter about five years, I am trying my best to building more effective, attractive and colorful local community. By join in Free Software community from 2009, I am impressed by free culture, and try to make contribution in Free Software career. I am very happy to spread word of Free Software to every people!

Besides, I promoted Free Hardware and teach Free Software in Embedded as a community mentor. I co-found a community to build Free Hardware/Embedded projects, now it has 200+ members and 30 developers.

I become a GNU/Linux user from 2009, I working hard to test and find some ways to make hardware and Embedded development more freely and easie, Helping others use FOSS to develop hardware instead with closed ones. As a member of GNOME Foundation, trying to contrubute the GNOME project and make it more localized for Chinese people.

My GPG/OpenPGP Public Key: 0xF9EFC7D7C953EC9C


Local Teams:

Technical Skill


  • Free Hardware Developer
    • ARM-based Embedded System
    • DIY 3D-Printer
    • Arduino and robots
    • Maple(STM32F1x/f4x/f3x)
  • Free and Open Source Embedded Developer
    • Hack ARM-based boards
    • Develop new board in open source way.
  • Embedded Engineer
    • Developed MCU Productions
    • ARM-based automotive electronics entertainment devices.