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This is my first post to this list and I've been "out of the programming loop" for a long time, so forgive me for not following the expected behavior and practice.

I see a recurring theme in this list always having to deal with some compromising situation or conditional debacle stemming from the clash between market capitalism and the common good. I am amazed at the incredible power that people who can code have. The fact that a chosen few are willing to gift that code for the good of the planet and the human species is even more amazing. I don't have a very tight grip on the GNU system and its offspring nor am I familiar with the exact "battle lines" between Free Software and its relationship with/to the open source movement. I once followed license-discuss list but I've lost track of that, too.

So... let me just state things in general terms as laity:

"We need radical revolutionary solutions to dire and deadly situations. If you guys don't get it together soon, these monsters are going to take everything we have, - gag, tie and brand us and our public goods for sale as merchandise on the open market. They are going to use malicious methods and reprehensible ruthless tactics to take by force every last bit of freedom, liberty, advantage, comfort, integrity, ... associational, technological, political, and in every other realm."

OK, that's a bit alarmist. Pardon me for that. But we, the Libreplanet community, have things going our way. The emergence of cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, and highly adaptive networking capabilities are enabling massive change within the public domain for content, context and conditions conducive to sweeping liberated expression across borders, boundaries and barriers. Even celebrities and states people like Russel Brand, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and many others are promoting the kind of liberated thinking it will take to combat the billionaires that are hijacking the democratic process world-wide.

I am myself a celebrity, on a very small scale within the Central Timezone of the US and I'm known in certain circles for my musical and organizational skills. As a communitarian and activist from way back (1977), I've watch the erosion of American "liberty" on every front. As a singer-songriter and band member, I understand the dynamics of the "bandwagon" from both literal and figurative standpoints and I'm willing to produce and release some very powerful and effective media products into the public domain that I believe will be capable of rendering a palpable model for the community-based infrastructure that is required for real revolution.

A Modest Proposal: If someone on this list has an old fully-liberated laptop in surplus with camera and robust audio resources and appropriate software for media production, I can create some pretty good original rock and roll, blues, country and folk music and a realtime platform for distributing it with clamped-on blockchain elements and licensing for viral dissemination of the raw truth people need. I want to host a "radio program" with segments like The Telepathic Rodent (patent-free inventions), Catwire (guerrilla networking) , The Terminal Digest (tech news) and others that is real-time, fully-staffed by humans 24/7, transparently automated, completely money free and gently unrestricted.