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Suggests to free their client-side JavaScript code, and to distribute audio encoded with Opus by default.

User:Adfeno has sent a the first message using their contact page.

Before doing mass mailing, we must wait for updates until: 2016-07-06

Here is the template of the mass mailing message:

Hi, I'm a big fan of your services and artists around Jamendo, and I have some suggestions to make:

* Would it be possible to serve Opus-encoded audio files by default, instead of MP3?

The reason for this suggestion is to make sure that society doesn't depend on non-free formats or codecs. We do have free software to open this formats or codecs, but passing this formats or codecs onwards is not desirable for a free and fair/just digital society:

* Is it possible to free/liberate the JavaScript code that your site requires the visitors to use/run?

This is needed because, most JavaScript applications are used *client-side*, so in order for society to be free and fair/just, the visitors have to receive the following essential freedoms:

0. The freedom to use the data, for any purpose.

1. The freedom to study and adapt the data, when and as he wishes. Without being required to send changes back to the original project.

2. The freedom to redistribute (share and/or sell) original copies.

3. The freedom to redistribute (share and/or sell) copies of his adaptations.

When functional data respects these freedoms, it can be considered as free/libre functional data (as in freedom, not price).

Since your site delivers JavaScript code to the visitors, one must also make sure that the users receive such freedoms:

You can follow this references to know how to free/liberate the JavaScript code being used:

If you are not sure whether your site requires JavaScript code to be used by the client, please check for such information on the projects in which your project depends on.

Note: We are *not* asking for you to remove *all* JavaScript code. Because this move would cause more issues to the visitors.

#Begin GNU LibreJS report.

    List of blocked JavaScript in

  * Whitelist

    |This script is detected as inline, nonfree, defining functions or methods, and the rest of the page as loading external scripts
    window._environment = 'production';|

  * Whitelist

    |NONTRIVIAL: an open method similar to is used
    	new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],

  * WhitelistNONTRIVIAL: an open method similar to is used
  * Whitelisterror parsing: a5abdc361f64105e50647725820291dc558c7004

    List of accepted JavaScript in

  * LibreJS did not allow the execution of any scripts on this page: '
      o There may be no scripts on this page (check source, C-u)
      o The inline and on-page JavaScript code may not be free and/or
        may not have proper license information and external scripts (if
        present) may have been removed by default.
      o External scripts may not be free and/or may not have proper
        licensing and are not part of the whitelist of free JavaScript
#End GNU LibreJS report.