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Logo of the gathering

We're organizing a user and developer gathering in Paris, France, 10 December 2018, from 9AM to 6PM (right before the Reproducible Build Summit). This is an informal meeting aimed at allowing developers and users to discuss and possibly hack on on-going projects.


The gathering will take place in the Paris research center of Inria, room Alan Turing in building C:

Lunch is not provided but there's a number of lunch options in the neighborhood.


The program is what you make it! If there are specific topics you'd like to discuss, please list them below.

  • Debian packaging for Guix and MES:
  • Installer for armhf and aarch64
  • Reliable substitute delivery (IPFS? CDN? etc.)
  • Guix in the reproducible scientific workflow: what's missing, what tools should it integrate with?


If you'd like to attend, please add your name below or contact if you'd rather not list it publicly:

  • Ludovic Courtès
  • Pierre Neidhardt
  • janneke
  • Vagrant Cascadian
  • Konrad Hinsen
  • Christopher Baines
  • Julien Lepiller
  • Eric Myhre
  • Ricardo Wurmus (rekado)

Code of Conduct

The project's code of conduct applies at the event. Please email or get in touch with Ludovic Courtès during the event if you witness unwanted behavior.


For more information, please email or (public mailing list).