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This page is being constantly updated, so please check back daily. Join the https://lists.libreplanet.org/mailman/listinfo/hackersandhospitals to coordinate with the community.

HACKERS and HOSPITALS is an effort to coordinate Hackers with Hospitals during an immediate time of need.

The wiki is divided into two sections: Participate and Resources. Participate is a list of ways that anyone can help with the project. Resources are projects that are working toward helping.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to help coordinate the medical needs of hospitals with local area fabricators. HACKERS and HOSPITALS is no longer limited to fighting against COVID-19

We have a large number of healthcare professionals, hackers, makers, engineers, biomedical innovators, and crafters. If we can all work together, we can save lives.

Participate is a list of ways that anyone can help with the project.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments regarding HACKERS and HOSPITALS, you can contact: michael at fsf.org


Resources are projects that are working toward helping.

Before fabricating any equipment, check first with your local hospitals to see if this is what they need and will use. Each hospital will have its own requirements.

Reviewed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Face Shields

Face Shield Adapters

Face Masks

Cloth mask adapters

Devices that relieve pressure on the ears during long-term usage of masks.

Unreviewed PPE

Face Shields

Cloth Masks

Cloth mask adapters

Devices that relieve pressure on the ears during long-term usage of masks.

3D Printed Face Masks

Medical gowns

Door handles

Ways to open doors without touching the handle.

Procedure shields/screens


3D Printed stethoscope

3D Printed Otoscope:



Vent Specifications

Ventilator specifications can help hackers design and understand how a ventilator works.

Vent Designs

Ventilator designs are plans and projects that need help designing a quick solution. Most projects require testing before clinical use.

Vent Splitting

Ventilator Splitting could potentially increase the patient capacity of commercial ventilators.

Note: This method is controversial and has many obstacles to overcome. Read the criticisms of this method before testing as there are problems that must be addressed. Read as much about this as you can before considering this route for patients.

Vent Parts

Ventilator Parts could be used for ventilators with ventilators in an emergency situation.

Medical supplies unrelated to COVID-19

3D Printed Tourniquet


  • BM3 Powerchair
    • Open design with source available code that depends on nonfree failsafe hardware.

Tools for 3D Printers


Software listed here is free software. https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.html Concerns should be edited or supplemented.



Slicing for printing:

3D print server:

Pandemic tracking:

Contact Tracing:

Contact tracing is a highly controversial topic in our community as the implementation would also need to respect the privacy of the individual. This is a difficult task especially if the frontend or backend is proprietary and centralized. Once a system like this is built, can it be turned off? Will the data be used against its users? Will the system be opt-in or forced upon users with a system update?

  • DP-3T Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing
    • How? Phones generate randomized IDs that is broadcasted to nearby devices. Phones remember these IDs, and IDs they received. Upon infection, saved random IDs (the ones sent, not the ones seen) are uploaded to a database that is trusted to, and only to, not add fake EphIDs, or remove any events, and to be available. A few times a day, check the database of your local authority to see if any new IDs match any seen IDs.
    • https://github.com/DP-3T/
    • License: MPL-2.0
  • liben

Vaccine checker:

Hospital Database:

Facial Recognition:


Software unrelated to COVID-19:


Local groups with fabrication equipment:

  • Maker & Hacker spaces
  • Local businesses
    • Engineering
    • Medical
      • Biomedical research
      • Dentists
    • Tailors
  • Education
    • Schools
      • Reach out your local school districts and their unions to use their fabrication equipment! Much of the equipment is going unused as schools are closing.
    • After-school centers
  • Hobbyists and Hackers


Hackathons with a free software focus:

Past Events

This page was a featured resource in April 2020.