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Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions for LP2023

Interested in putting together a BoF? Other plans or ideas for a social event? This is your place to do all that and more!

Birds of a Feather sessions are a time for people to get together around a specific topic or identity, either to focus on conversations, come up with new ideas, or just spend time socializing.

Use the following information to describe your BoF. Anyone can sign up to the event by adding their name to the attendee's list. We encourage you to try by yourself to add your session below, but if you run into any trouble feel free to email and we'll post it on the site and help direct people to your event!








Location TBC

2023 Proposals

Install Fest

Theme/Topic GNU/Linux "on the freedom ladder" install fest

Organizer(s) Chris Thompson

Description Need help installing a GNU/Linux OS on your system? That's what this is all about: bring your PC and liberate it! Take your first steps to making your computing as free as your speech.

Please RSVP by emailing We have room for up to 20 people.

Please note that it is wise to try to investigate your computer's compatibility with available free software before bringing it. Some computers will be harder to install on than others, or may suffer a loss of functionality without the use of non-free software. Wireless adapters are a common problem point, so please check resources such as or individual drivers, such as the GPL 2.0 licensed driver at for a list of compatible products. There are numerous affordable devices available at a variety of vendors. Alternatively,, a provider of hardware that needs only free-software, is offering a discount code for this event (you may contact for a discount code).

Date and Time Sunday, March 19, 10AM-12:30PM

Notes We *will* be offering the possibility to install both fully free, and non-free software when it is essential for a computer to have the user's required functionality. Users requiring computer functionality that requires non-free software will be described as those "Getting on the freedom ladder" - they've removed as much non-free software as they can today, and will be encouraged to continue substituting the remainder.

Attendees Anyone willing to help or with a need for installation assistance is welcome!


The Non-Profit Center
Video Conference Room
89 South St, Unit 302
Boston, MA  02111

Approximately 1mi from the event space.

Thank you to Agaric for their donation to People Who Give A Damn, Inc. in support of this event!

Diversity Dinner

Theme/Topic Diversity dinner

Organizer(s) Beth Lynn Eicher

Description This is a space for women, nonbinary people and all those who have been traditionally excluded from technological and social causes to feel at home and find ways for people of similar backgrounds to participate. Please RSVP by emailing, so we can tell the restaurant how many people we expect.

Date and time 18:35, Saturday 3/18

Location MJ O'Connor's Seaport located at the Westin Boston Seaport District in 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

Freedom Ladder

Theme/Topic Using the Freedom Ladder as a universal language for helping the transition of institutions to libre software through a certification system.

Organizer(s) José Castro and Felix Freeman, Chile.

Description There have been great experiences in developing sustainable standards for example, for tourism; fair trade for commerce; organics for vegetable produce, etc. Could we use the same model for establishing an ethical standard on the use of software? So institutions could climb this freedom ladder and achieve different grades of certification that would, with time, be recognized as an ethical plus v/s other institutions that simply don't care or don't do anything about the subject? Let's meet together and share thoughts about this... could we create a plan as a global community?


Attendees Whoever feels inspired by this idea or thinks could help us mature it.

Location TBC

Open Dev

Theme/Topic Monthly free software meetup in Boston-ish

Organizer(s) Philip Durbin, Holmes Wilson

Description Philip and Holmes recently started a monthly free software meetup in the Boston area (Brookline) and all are welcome! It was inspired by an older meetup at Grendels in Cambridge. In this BOF we can talk about what the meetups are like (we've only had two so far), what our name should be, and where we are going.

Notes: We have a preliminary website at and if you are interested, please email so we can gauge if there's enough interest to hold the BOF.

Attendees People who live in the Boston area

Location TBC

Staying Alive

Theme/Topic Free software to stay alive

Organizer(s) Kevin Shockey

Description Building off a diverse set of talks, I propose a meeting of the minds around using Free Software philosophy in new realms. I call on presenters and audience alike to discuss topics such as "Freedom hardware;" "Libre software in Africa;" "Free software in farming, food & agriculture;" "Topographical maps for all!" & "It’s time to jailbreak the farm"

Notes: For my part I'll be offering survival tips during post-disaster situations. I'll cover some information that I can't from my talk "Free Software for the End Times."

Attendees Anyone willing to have a free-ranging discussion is welcome!

Location TBC

DWeb Breakfast

Theme/Topic: Decentralized (Distributed) Web (+Chat)

Organizer(s): Charles E. Lehner

Description: Meet up for interest in Free Software + DWeb. All people are welcome! Vegan-friendly breakfast.


Date and time: Monday, March 20th, 9:00am.

Location: The Friendly Toast, 35 Stanhope St (Back Bay)


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