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  • ...ear that it's not a [ free software] issue. We don't want people to think that adopting free software means you now h In America, the court case should have been a legal issue, about deciding what does the law says. That's the theory, but in practice
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  • ===Microsoft Confirms Existence of Anti-GNU/Linux Teams=== ...icrosoft), we were able to show that Microsoft creates anti-GNU/Linux 'hit teams' which it calls “taskforces”. We saw Microsoft using a “taskforce”
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  • [[Category:LibrePlanet Teams]] [[Category:Issue Teams]]
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  • Petitions are tools to educate the public and a good first step for new teams. The preamble should set out clearly what the issue is and all the reasons for your concern. They also force you to know clearl
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  • * Local teams (e.g. Toronto Team, Kitchener/Waterloo team, Ottawa team, etc.) ==== Phase 3: Other Regional Teams ====
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  • ...We help create educational materials and other media for local LibrePlanet teams or to advocate free software generally. We operate in accordance with the L [[Category:LibrePlanet Teams]]
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  • ...o/librariansagainstDRM librarians against DRM]. We discuss and address the issue of DRM in libraries, and organize against to get DRM removed. We operate in [[Category:LibrePlanet Teams]]
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  • LibrePlanet Ontario is organizing a street team (or multiple teams) to have conversations with people in our cities about software freedom. Th * '''Avoid idea bundling:''' Stay focused on the issue of software freedom, and don't raise other unrelated issues which will incr
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