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This is the standard GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG) fitness checklist template for Software Distributions (distros) seeking FSF endorsement. It should instantiated at the beginning of the community evaluation phase, for each prospective distro, by the community-appointed review manager for that distro.

To use this template:

  • Create a new wiki page, reflecting the name of the candidate distro.
  • Add the framed text below as the body of the new page.
  • Each line beginning with a pipe '|' symbol, corresponds to one of the checklist criteria.
  • The 'TODO' place-holder following the equals symbol '=' on each such line, may be replaced with arbitrary notes.
  • There must be some text following the equals symbol '=' on each such line, until that criteria passes.
  • Any text following an equals symbol '=' on any such line, indicates a pending (or failing) state for that criteria (☐ will be shown).
  • As each criteria passes review, delete the entire corresponding line (☑ will be shown).
  • The text of each criteria in the rendered checklist table, will be a hyper-link to the relevant section of the FSDG.
  • The 'TODO' place-holder or the replacement notes, will be shown beneath each criteria in the rendered checklist table.

The rendered checklist page will resemble the table below, with boxes beside each pending criteria, and check-marks beside each passing criteria.

Sample Checklist:

This is the FSDG-fitness checklist for <DISTRO_NAME> as compiled by the Community Workgroup for fully free GNU/Linux distributions. The text of each criteria in the checklist table is a hyper-link to the relevant section of the FSDG. Additional tips for reviewers may be found in the FSDG Review Guide. Please send any questions or comments to the gnu-linux-libre mailing list.

FSDG Checklist for <DISTRO_NAME>
Complete Distro
No name confusion
No other trademark issues
Actively maintained
Commitment to correct mistakes
Avoids repeating propaganda or creating confusion
Programs commonly known to have freedom issues are liberated or excluded
No non-free firmware or binary blobs
All software under a free license with source code provided
Documentation under a free license
Other "Information for practical use" under a free license
All "non-functional" data must be freely distributable
Does not encourage users to use or install non-free software
No Malware