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Usernames chriskun, chris-kun, saikochriskun, saiko-chriskun
Full Name Christopher Bolton
Groups BayLibre
City San Rafael
IRC saiko-chriskun @
Website (go here for further social networking info)

About me

Hey there! Chris here ^_^. I'm your local gnu/linux enthusiast, travel bug, cyclist, anime fan, and poor college student. I also consider myself an activist and try to incorporate that kind of philosophy into everything that I partake in. Besides my love for free software, for example, I helped jumpstart a 'Green Corps' club at my community college where we are working towards establishing local farmer's market for our community, starting a student-run cooperatively-owned organic cafe, campaigning politically and getting students mobilized to vote, as well as a variety of other projects.

However, this is the LibrePlanet wiki, so let's continue with my interest in the free software movement :P.

Free Software


Just like most others my age, I've been around computers for pretty much my whole life and started off with windows. I don't remember too much from back then, but somehow I heard about the "linux" hype and decided to check it out. After some research, I decided to start off with.... Gentoo! Hahah, what a switch that was. And like most things in my life, I decided to go cold-turkey; I downloaded and printed out a copy of the Gentoo Handbook, wiped my hard drive, and booted up. If I recall correctly, I was with that computer for days before I got any sort of workable system up and running xD. But! It was awesome. Despite all the 'trouble' I went through, it was really great fun for me, and since then I've been a full-blown linux user.


Interested in my usage of linux without prefixing gnu is the above paragraph, given that this is the LibrePlanet wiki? Well, that's what it was to me back then. I only had a vague idea of what GNU or the FSF actually was. It was only until I came across ArchHurd that I began to look into these things.


Now, soon after these events have transpired, I want to do everything I can to push this movement forward, and that begins with starting a local LibrePlanet chapter around my area- the San Francisco Bay. I would absolutely love to have a local community of similar like-minded enthusiasts to help with and support the development and promotion of free software.