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GNU/consensus Whistle, a monthly newsletter

Reaching a GNU Consensus on Free Social Networking Software


The newsletter is interested in sharing opinions, issues, projects, interviews related to the development of free social networking tools.
The Whistle is distributed once a month by email to the GNU/consensus mailing-list. It is available on this wiki, and announced on the project page at Savannah (ATOM feed).
Allegedly monthly, depending on the availability of articles, the orbit of the Earth, the current position of the magnetic pole, and the radioactivity of the ocean.
Edited by the current maintainer of the project, it is the product of an ongoing cooperative effort. See the history of wiki editions, for each issue.


Participation is voluntary. Issues are drafted on this wiki under /GNU/consensus/whistle/0HYYYY-MM. (Starting with year 012013 of the Holocene calendar, with a Long Now touch). Please use the Talk Pages and the IRC channel for coordination.


Volume I (012013)

(Yes, a monthly newsletter takes a lot of time. Volunteers needed!)

Volume II (012014)

Topics we should address, in no particular order:

  • Post-30C3 report and perspectives
  • Blockchain-based systems
  • Cryptography and Usability
  • Economy of Sociability
  • Funding Free Social Software
  • The GNU Name System
  • How To Choose Where To Contribute?
  • Indie Web / Linked Data
  • Secushare API
  • Sexifying Free Software (Accessibility, Graphic Design, Usability, UX)
  • UnHosted Apps