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Please remember that this event is focused on free software, not open source. We have a set of guidelines for speakers, but we ask everyone to be mindful of the power of words and the importance of framing the issues being discussed and worked on in the best possible terms.

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Everyone who attends gets a free t-shirt too


The Monkeysphere is a software libre project whose goal is to extend OpenPGP's web of trust to new areas of the Internet to help us securely identify each other while we work online. Monkeysphere currently offers a framework to leverage the OpenPGP web of trust for OpenSSH authentication and is quickly approaching the same for validating websites as an alternative method to the centralized/hierarchical X.509 certificate model traditionally used by HTTPS/TLS.

Do you know javascript? We need your help to finish off our Mozilla FireFox extension!

We'll also be on hand to give people some one-on-one mentoring for getting started with the Monkeysphere.

You are invited to look at our issue tracker and help out where you can.

If you're interested in joining us, please add yourself to our list of participants.