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Group name GNU consensus

Official Wiki of the GNU/consensus project

"In the grander scheme of things, computer science is actually a branch of psychology, or really of sociology: we're trying to understand how large groups of people can combine to make things that are insanely complicated."
-- Peter Sewell

Welcome to the official wiki of the GNU consensus project. Discussion about the project happens in the mailing list. You're invited to /join #consensus on Freenode IRC.

If you're using Twister, join our group there (ask this or this user to invite you to the group).


Towards a GNU consensus on free software for social networking.

User Badge

Button-Consensus.png This user supports a GNU consensus on Social Networking.

You can advertise your support of this project by adding to your individual user page: {{user consensus}}.
Only pages mentioning [[is entity::individual| ]] will be listed here.
It will show as seen on the right.

List of Supporters