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What is the Women's Caucus?

The Women's Caucus is an initiative started by the Free Software Foundation to increase women's participation in the free software movement. Current caucus projects include:


The Caucus is interested in developing and adapting tactics for use in all different kinds of free software projects all over the world. Please join us at our monthly meetings (in glofs on on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 2:30 EST) or start your own more local group and keep in touch. You can also help us by providing feedback on how our recommendations have worked at your project, sharing our resources with friends and colleagues or translating materials so we can share them more widely.


Keep in touch!

GLOFS aka Glorious Ladies of Free Software (Moved from GLoFS page)


The philosophical goals of the free software movement are fairly easy for the newcomer to understand, but the mechanics and the lingo can be a bit harder. The free software community uses lots of acronyms and slang that can make it difficult for a new user even to identify where to go looking for information. In other words, the first step is often the hardest.

Given the sometimes less-than-welcome wagon waiting for ladies when they make their first foray into the wonderful world of peer-to-peer support, we created a channel for "advice about advice." It's not that men aren't welcome to ask their questions, but the vibe of the channel is comfortable and respectful to women. There is no such thing as a stupid question and sexual harassment is not tolerated.

We also chat about free software news, pass along opportunities, and announce events that might be of interest to women who use free software.

Glorious Ladies

Deb Nicholson User:deborah

Kelly Hopkins User:thesoprano

Sarah Adelaida McIntire User:Adelaida

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