Day Against DRM - May 6th, 2014

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Day Against DRM 2014 Web Site

The Day Against DRM is an opportunity to unite a wide range of projects, public interest organizations, web sites and individuals in an effort to raise public awareness to the danger of technology that requires users to give-up control of their computers or that restricts access to digital data and media. This year, we'll be helping individuals and groups work together to create local actions in their communities — actions will range from protesting an unfriendly hardware vendor to handing out informative fliers at local public libraries!

If you're hosting an event, please list it here, along with any necessary contact information. It's good to add it as soon as you have a date and contact info, even if you're still working out the details. The DbD campaign would be glad send a message advertising your event to supporters in your area. Just email the exact text of the message to Make sure to include the what, where, and when, along with your contact info for potential attendees.

Here are some ideas for events. If you host one, please send photos to

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News articles and blog posts

Do you have a 2014 Day Against DRM blog post? Then, please add it to the list below — see some from last year.


Join the International Day Against DRM announcements list and tell us where you live so we can let you know about events in your area.


for more details : Join us in the Facebook Event Page



After May 6th

On May 6th

We'll distribute information about DRM to customers in front of a Boston Best Buy, then go for food and drinks at Cornwall's . Our goal is to use engaging materials get people thinking about the realities of DRM and excited about DRM-free media. Come to do whatever is best for your comfort level - you can hand out info, or take it to the next level and strike up friendly conversations with passersby. We'll be at the Best Buy for about 30 minutes.

WHEN: 6:45 PM on Tuesday, May 6th

WHERE: Sidewalk in front of Whole Foods at the St. Mary's T stop on the C Branch of the Green Line, just past Kenmore The address is 1028 Beacon Street, Boston, 02446

CONTACT: Zak Rogoff - (202) 489-6887 or

Please RSVP to if you'd like to come.

After meeting at the Whole Foods near the T station, we'll do a little training to maximize our effectiveness, then walk to the Best Buy together (about 10 minutes). If you'll be late you can check in with Zak at the phone number above and meet us at the Best Buy itself at 401 Park Dr Boston, MA 02215.

If you can't make it to the Best Buy, you're still more than welcome to join us for food and drinks at Cornwall's after about 8:15. It's at 654 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215, right at the Kenmore T Station on the B, C and D branches of the Green Line.

We're working on interesting materials to hand out as conversation starters. If you'd like to contribute graphic design skills, time for collecting materials, or just brainstorm ideas, let me know in a reply. We're also looking for volunteer photographer with their own camera.

This page was a featured resource in May 2014.

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