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Please remember that this event is focused on free software, not open source. We have a set of guidelines for speakers, but we ask everyone to be mindful of the power of words and the importance of framing the issues being discussed and worked on in the best possible terms.

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Louis Suárez-Potts is the longtime Community Development Manager and Chair of the Community Council for; he joined Sun Microsystems in 2007 and has led the community since 2000. (In 2010 the acquisition of Sun by Oracle was completed; Suárez-Potts is now with Oracle.) The lead and co-lead of several projects and the primary spokesperson and representative of, Suárez-Potts also represents the project regarding OpenDocument Format (ODF) matters, and is on the OASIS ODF Adoption and Interoperability Technical Committees and is a member of the ODF Alliance, representing He speaks frequently at national and international conferences on the ODF,, education and free- and open-source software and culture, and on the practice of community development. Suárez-Potts is currently working on several articles examining the history and logic of corporate-sponsored open-source and free-software development, as well as its adoption by public enterprises. He lives in Toronto and received his PhD from U.C. Berkeley.

Louis Suárez-Potts