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Please remember that this event is focused on free software, not open source. We have a set of guidelines for speakers, but we ask everyone to be mindful of the power of words and the importance of framing the issues being discussed and worked on in the best possible terms.

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Everyone who attends gets a free t-shirt too

Lightning Talks!

A lightning talk is five minute presentation on any topic that you think would be interesting to a group of free software users, hackers and activists. We are looking for a total of twelve (five minute) talks. Since we're seeking a breadth of relevant topics, signing up to give a talk does not guarantee you a slot. We'll pick the 12 talks that we feel are most interesting to our attendees once we've gotten enough submissions. We're especially interested in hearing from new people who haven't ever spoken at an FSF event!

Submit your own lightning talk proposal -- we'll pick the best 12!