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Each month, the FSF licensing team tries to publish an interview highlighting a project that has chosen to publish their software under GNU licenses, especially GNU GPLv3 and AGPLv3.

Note: As of mid-2022, the FSF is rebooting these interviews! We have a couple interviews on the docket, but if you have any tips on potential candidates, please add them to the list below. Thank you!

Possible (future) interviews

Please add your suggestions to the list below. We prefer (for this purpose) if the project is not a part of the GNU Project.

To get more ideas, consider looking through this list on the free software directory.

Potential interview but with known issues

Past interviews

Note: There may be a past interview missing. One place to look for interviews missing from the above list is to search via

This page was a featured resource in November 2014.

This page was a featured resource in August 2022.