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Libre Planet 2009
Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, MA, USA - Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

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Audio and slides are now available, and we invite your feedback.

LibrePlanet 2009Speakers

Speakers at the Libre Planet 2009 conference.

Jeremy Allison


Jeremy Allison, (Samba and Google) is a computer programmer famous for his contributions to the free software community, notably to Samba, a re-implementation of SMB/CIFS networking protocol, released under the GNU General Public License. Other contributions include the early versions of the pwdump password cracking utility." (from Wikipedia)

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James Duncan

James Duncan is a grizzled veteran of many startups - some successful, some not. Having seen the successful acquired, and IPO’d James brings perspective of how companies change, from small to large, and what a company needs to do at each stage of its growth. Most recently, James was one of two founders at Reasonably Smart, a Platform-as-a-Service company based in Montreal. Joyent’s acquisition of Reasonably Smart’s subsequent in January 2009 had James become our Director of Platform Strategy. Prior to Reasonably Smart, James spent 7 years at Fotango, finishing his time there as the CIO. Fotango, acquired by Canon in 2001, developed one of the world’s first Platform-as-a-Service offerings. This expertise allows James to bring a deep knowledge of platforms, frameworks, and operations to Joyent and their customers.

John W. Eaton

John W. Eaton, (GNU Octave) is the original author and primary maintainer of GNU Octave.

Brian Gough

Brian Gough, (GNU) is the founder of Network Theory Ltd, a publishing house for free software manuals. The money raised from sales of the books supports the development of more free software and documentation. He is also the maintainer of the GNU Scientific Library, a general-purpose numerical library that is widely used in scientific research.

Post event summary: ActivismWorldwide_(LP09)#Brian_Gough

Benjamin "Mako" Hill


Mako Hill, (FSF Board, Debian)"I am a technologist, programmer and free software and free culture activist. I write software, books and articles and currently live in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

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Marc Jones

Marc Jones,(Coreboot,) a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware) that you find in most of today's computers. He'll be talking about "coreboot: A viable BIOS replacement" covering most aspects of the project and get into specifics about how the free software community can help. He has over 10 years of 0x86 BIOS experience and has been working with coreboot for a year and a half.

Bradley Kuhn

Bradley Kuhn, (Software Freedom Law Center) From 2001 until 2005, he served as FSF's Executive Director, where he led FSF's GPL enforcement efforts, launched the Associate Member program, and authored the Affero GPL. In 2005, he left FSF to join the founding team of SFLC. Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from Loyola College in Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. He is also a director and president of the Software Freedom Conservancy, and a member of the committee, which studies issues of software freedom as they relate to software as a service.

Post event summary: ActivismWorldwide_(LP09)#Bradley_Kuhn

Mike Linksvayer

Mike Linksvayer, ( committee) joined Creative Commons as CTO in 2003. Previously he co-founded Bitzi. He has over ten years’ experience as an enterprise software, web, and multimedia developer and consultant and holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign."

Alexandre Oliva

Alexandre Oliva serves on the board of the Free Software Foundation Latin America, and is a Compiler Engineer at Red Hat. He also spearheads the Linux Libre project which is dedicated to maintaining and wpublishing a 100% free linux kernel.

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Ciaran O'Riordan

Ciaran O'Riordan, (End Software Patents) has been a free software lobbyist to the European Union institutions since early 2003. From mid 2005 until now, O'Riordan has worked full-time in Brussels for Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). With FSFE he as continued his lobbying work as well as assisting the free software community's participation in policy processes such as those run by the EU (patents, copyright), by ISO (OOXML), and by FSF (GPLv3). He previously worked as a software developer.

Post event transcript: Ciaran_O'Riordan_(LP09)

Henry Poole

Henry Poole, (FSF board and committee) is an Internet Strategist, has three decades experience in information technology, and over ten years with online communities and commerce. Henry was the first technologist to setup a blog for a member of the US House of Representatives. He co-founded CivicActions LLC in the summer of 2004 to provide network-centric Free and Open Source technology solutions for organizations focused on transforming the world.

Evan Prodromou

Evan Prodromou, ( committee) is a writer and programmer from San Francisco living in Montreal. He is also the founder and CEO of Control Yourself, Inc. which is responsible for the Laconica micro-blogging software used on the site.

Post event transcript: EvanProdromou_(LP09)

Rob Savoye

Rob Savoye (Gnash) started working with GCC & GDB in the 1980s, joined Cygnus Support in the beginning, and has worked on many GNU projects from GCC, GDB, Newlib, Autotools, and Cygwin, to various bits of GNU/Linux. Rob is also the primary author of Gnash, Libgloss, DejaGnu, GnuAE, PowerGuru. Rob was also the software architect of eCOS, and somehow wound up as a listed NASA inventor.

Post event summary: Rob_Savoye_(LP09)

Richard M. Stallman

Richard Stallman (FSF) Richard Stallman is the founder of the GNU Project, launched in 1984 to develop the free operating system, GNU. Richard Stallman is the principal author of the GNU C Compiler, the GNU symbolic debugger (GDB), GNU Emacs, and various other GNU programs. Stallman currently serves as president of the Free Software Foundation.