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Libre Planet 2009
Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, MA, USA - Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

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Audio and slides are now available, and we invite your feedback.

LibrePlanet 2009Attendees

A tentative list of Libre Planet 2009 participants.

Add your name. Ideally, create a user page for yourself using the template.

Please keep the list in order.

  1. Mike Cardoza
  2. jfm3
  3. zish (Jeremy Melanson, Boston, MA)
  4. Dennis Kibbe (Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona)
  5. Scott Walck (Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA)
  6. Thomas Cort (Montpelier, VT, USA)
  7. Bridget Brimacombe (Gatineau, QC, Canada)
  8. Darian Anthony Patrick (Philadelphia, PA)
  9. John W. Eaton
  10. Joe Fineman (Malden, MA)
  11. Craig Andrews
  12. Jason Woofenden (Cambridge, MA)
  13. Ben Weissmann (Watertown, MA)
  14. Brian Gough (UK)
  15. Arthur Torrey (Operations Facilitator; Libertarian Party of MA, Billerica, MA)
  16. Mary-Anne Wolf (Webmaster, Libertarian Party of MA, Billerica, MA)
  17. Kat Walsh (Washington, DC)
  18. Greg Maxwell
  19. Wietse Venema (IBM, USA)
  20. Andrew Lewman
  21. Rita Nagel
  22. Arthur Nagel
  23. Lori Nagel
  24. Alex Claffey
  25. Jack Whitley (Greensboro, NC)
  26. David A. Harding
  27. Jason H. Stover
  28. Ryan Prior (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)
  29. Michael Ciociola (Stonington, CT)
  30. Gabriel Saldana (Monterrey, Mexico)
  31. Fernanda Weiden (Zurich, Switzerland)
  32. Billie Mulcahy (Boston, Mass)
  33. Yannick Gingras (Montreal, Qc, Canada)
  34. Pascal Charest (Laboratoires Phoenix - Gatineau, QC, Canada)
  35. Michael Costello (Philadelphia, PA)
  36. D. Parker Phinney (Dartmouth College)
  37. Justin Baugh
  38. Will Kahn-Greene (PCF - Miro; Somerville, MA)
  39. Steve Revilak (Arlington, MA)
  40. Julian Graham (Brooklyn, NY)
  41. Ralph Bonnell (Alameda, CA)
  42. Popa Adrian Marius (Firebird Foundation)
  43. Jan Schiffman (Charleston, SC)
  44. Ryan Bagueros (San Francisco, CA and/or Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)
  45. Ken Rohde (UK)
  46. Ian Bell (UK)
  47. Andy Wingo (Barcelona, Spain)
  48. Richard Fontana (Arlington, MA)
  49. Andrew Todd (Baltimore, MD)
  50. Robert J. Cristel (User:mises) (Montreal, Qc, Canada)
  51. Matthew Craig (Rye, NH)
  52. Andrey N. Filippov (Elphel, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT)
  53. Alexandre G. Poltorak (Elphel, Inc., Geneva, Switzerland)
  54. Mike Linksvayer (Creative Commons - San Francisco, CA, US)
  55. Colin Williams (athenahealth - Medford, MA)
  56. James A. Duncan, Joyent
  57. Thomas Dukleth (NY, NY)
  58. Marlyn Tadros (New England Art Institute)
  59. Erica Gross (New England Art Institute)
  60. Chelsea Coultier (New England Art Institute)
  61. Stephen Rudolphi (New England Art Institute)
  62. Doug Matta (New England Art Institute)
  63. Rich Hilliard (League for Programming Freedom)
  64. David Emile Lamy (University at Albany)
  65. Wes Felter (Austin, TX)
  66. Robinson Tryon
  67. Swami Iyer (Somerville, MA)
  68. Christopher Parker (Malden, MA)
  69. Christian Fernandez (Boston, MA/Alicante, Spain)
  70. Kurt B. Kaiser (Hampton, NH)
  71. Jesse Kirdahy-Scalia (Open Media Boston, Boston, MA)
  72. Wendy Seltzer, Chilling Effects
  73. Doc Searls, Berkman Center
  74. Aubrey Jaffer (League for Programming Freedom)