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How can I help out?

I'm glad you asked! :) One of the easiest ways is to turn up to the Monthly Meetings. This should be an enjoyable experience too! You can meet like minded people and exchange contact details with those you wish to. Below are other tasks that need doing.


Monthly Meetings

The current format we have for the Monthly Meetings of having a prearranged, and prepared, Speaker(s)/Workshop means they require organising and publicising every month.

You can help by

  • publicising to your friends/colleagues via Social Networking sites, email, or even speaking to them!
  • publicising to interested groups that we don't publicise to. This is especially true if its a group you are a member as its always better if someone within a group advertises an outside event.
  • telling us about groups you know about that we should publicise to.
  • suggesting speakers that you know about to us. We have a list of Speaker(s) we've had, we've contacted and we think we should contact.
  • If you think it would better if you contacted a specific Speaker, then please do the contacting too.


We have leaflets and other materials.

You can help by

  • printing some leaflets/materials, especially in colour. Contact us for details.
  • (re-)designing the materials. Contact us for details.
  • leafleting for us when we have events, like Software Freedom Day.


We have Events. At some events we are attendees but others we have to organise the event itself.

You can help by

  • being a helper at an event. This can be by being on a stall, being a greeter, being a demo'er, setting up the tech, being a runner. It all helps.
  • providing tech for an event.
  • telling us about events that might be of interesting to us.
  • leafleting for them.
  • publicising the events the same as we do with the Monthly Meetings.


Previous Actions

Venue SFD2010

We need a venue for Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2010 in Manchester.
Action needed to find and book a venue.
Assigned to Mike
Current Status: Complete

Historic Actions

Contact MDDA

MDDA have asked for confirmation of the only future meeting mattl had reserved for us.
Action needed to contact MDDA and let them know that the next group meeting is confirmed for the 15th of April.
Assigned to Tdobson
Current Status: Tdobson has the MDDA contact details