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Manchester Free Software (MFS)


The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software philosophy.


There are other Free Software related groups in Manchester but MFS is the only one that focuses on the Free Software philosophy. We are not FSF Manchester although we share much of the FSF philosophy.

Anybody is welcome to the meetings, but you will be particularly interested if you are into such things as Free Software Foundation, GNU Project including GNU/Linux, League for Programming Freedom, Free as in freedom BSDs like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Open Rights Group, Mozilla project, OSS Watch, Hackspace Foundation, mySociety, anti-Digital Restrictions Management, OpenStreetMap, Free Our Data, The Libel Reform Campaign,, Open Data Manchester, Mozilla Drumbeat.

Mailing List

You can join the mailing list at fsuk-manchester mailing list. This is where we discuss free software issues, events and news.

Group Meetings

Group meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month at 19:00. We normally have a talk with questions and then continue discussions informally at a nearby pub. These meetings are currently held at Madlab. Details are in the Group Meetings table and are posted to the fsuk-manchester mailing list beforehand.


In addition to the Group Meetings, MFS organises and helps out with special events in order to promote the Free Software philosophy. If you have an event you would like us help out with, or that we might be interested in, please get in contact with the team at We wish to attend a broad range of events.




Projects that Manchester Free Software is involved in.


Questions that we get asked and the answers are in the FAQ.

You Can Help

Find out what needs to be done to keep the group running.


Contact the MFS Team at

Information for Team members.


We’re always looking for new speakers. If you have suggestions for speakers, or would like to speak yourself, please go on to the Speakers page for more information.


When publicising meetings or events we inform various online communities.

A general list of places to publicise Manchester Free Software.

A list of materials to use when publicising Manchester Free Software.


We have a selection of books, badges and stickers for sale, some kindly donated by the Free Software Foundation. Proceeds go to Manchester Free Software to fund our work.


Manchester Free Software was formed in response to the growing need for a group based in the Manchester area that focuses on Free Software and GNU/Linux primarily, but also on issues such as Digital Restrictions Management and other issues which infringe on the freedoms of computer users.

What about other groups in the local area?

Manchester has a healthy tradition of groups based on free software technologies, but these groups suffer from a tendency to focus on mixing free software with proprietary software, or even proprietary operating systems, such as Mac OS X. Worse still, many of the groups are suffering from a strong bias against groups like the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation.

We anticipate that this group can happily co-exist with the others. Both the BSD and LUG groups have many members in common, and we hope many of them will want to belong to our group as well.

Free Software related groups

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