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What is Right to Repair

The FSF fights for your right to repair

Organizations fighting for the Right to Repair globally

  • EFF's Right to Repair campaign page
  • Free Geek is a group out of Portland. They repair old hardware, install open operating systems, and make it available to disadvantaged communities.
  • OpenMedia is a Canadian advocacy group for digital rights. Fight For Your Right to Repair campaign page
  • IFixit has collaboratively written repair guides, and is a good resource for both users and activists.
  •; the EU focused advocacy group for Right to Repair.
  •; the leading US advocacy group for Right to Repair.
  • The Restart Project; a founding member of the Right to Repair campaign in Europe.
  • SecureRepairs; led by 2022 FSF Award winner Paul Roberts. On this page, you'll find updated resources and a blog on why the Right to Repair is at the core of advancement of the technology industry
  • the U.S. PIRG Right to Repair campaign, led by Nathan Proctor, drives legislation at the state level
  • For a society free of planned obsolescence


Why the freedom to tinker matters by Techdirt and Kyle Wiens

Videos to watch

Fight to Repair by the FSF

 * Watch the video
 * Translation page for this video

Right to Repair animation videos:


LibrePlanet talks related to Right to Repair

 * Repair is not a crime: An update from the front of the Right to Repair fight by Kyle Wiens, iFixit, 2022.
 * A dispatch from the front lines of right to repair by Paul Roberts, SecuRepairs, 2021. 
 * Right to Repair by Kyle Wiens, iFixit, 2021
 * The Right to Repair and the DMCA by Nathan Proctor, 2020
 * Stewarding Technological Freedom in Agriculture by Michael Stenta, Jamie Gaehring, and Don Blair, 2020.

CNBC feature on Right to Repair.


Interesting reads

The latest developments per country

Create a page about Right to Repair in your country, or read about what you can do to help in your region!

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