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LibrePlanet Denver is a group of activists and other volunteers who advocate for the ideals of free/libre software as an ethical social movement and digital rights as a necessary means for a free society.
We operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.


  • Unite
    • Bridge connections between free/libre software activists, users, and contributors regardless of location and culture
  • Encourage
    • Welcome those new to the free/libre concept and help to provide guidance via education, campaigns, and events
  • Advance
    • Build and contribute to free/libre software code, documentation, and design

Starting Point

  • Where to Begin?
    • Often it can be a daunting and time-consuming task to start incorporating and using free/libre software in daily life. The Freedom Ladder is a resource that you can use to begin adopting free/libre software at your own pace.
      • Switching to using a GNU/Linux Operating System (OS) from other proprietary options (Windows, MacOS) involves a learning curve. However, we are here to help guide you, and provide you with help and support for any problems you may encounter.


No meetings are currently scheduled.
We will hold routine meetings once LibrePlanet Denver reaches ~10 members - see the Join section below!
For now, feel free to chat on our secure IRC channel (#LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN) on Libera.Chat (we monitor this channel daily). You may also consider attending an open house at your local hacker/maker space - denhac.



  • Plans for the Future...
    • We would like to inspire the community to get involved through fun and creative activities that showcase the power and convenience of Free Software, such as:
      • Electronics and Amateur Radio: This topic shows a tangible need for Right to Repair
        • Getting a Ham Radio license
        • Communication with the ISS and Satellites like ARISS
        • RC aircraft and drones
        • Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects
      • Setting up Servers
        • Websites using Free Software
        • Running your own email server
        • Creating your own Forum, blog, or Content Management System
        • Jitsi Meet video chat software installation
      • Cyber Security
        • Penetration Testing concepts and methods
        • Proper techniques to Secure your computer or server
        • How to use Encryption
        • Ethical Hacking
      • What do you want to do?



  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat. We monitor this channel daily.
  • Email the group leader (Robbie):
    • GnuPG encryption fingerprint: E3B6 F7BD 9D53 B96E E453 599A A4C0 025C 07E4 97E9
  • Email Gnuamua (Andrew):
    • GnuPG encryption fingerprint: CDF6 AE62 7AF9 EE8E 7D3B AA2E F987 C312 7D84 8B50
  • Our mailing list cannot be established until we reach 6 members. Reference: LibrePlanet Teams Help Wiki


1. Support the Free Software Foundation with a paid membership or create a non-member account at no cost.
2. Include this badge on your user profile, add {{user Denver}} to the bottom of your user profile.
example: macrohumanity.
note: your username will also be automatically included in the LibrePlanet Denver Members list (see below) once the LibrePlanet Denver badge has been added to your user profile.
DEN This user is a member of LibrePlanet Denver

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LibrePlanet Denver

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LibrePlanet Denver
Note IRC: #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat
Region North America
Area United States of America
Available language(s) English
Members 2
Description Free society activists
Current status ACTIVE